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    hi hamid. 5+====== you are an honest guy. i like yor profie and your blog. thank you.

  • thankss u too

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    Pour la première fois! Savoir qui nous a bloqué sur MSN/WLM!

    Comment savoir qui nous a bloqué sur MSN / Windows Live Messenger ??
    la réponses et tres simple! veuillez cliquez sur le nouveau super lien outile de live.fr suivant:

    et la suite sera très simple!
    Merçi de me lachez des commantaire sur mon profile si c't Utile pour vous :)

  • Someone to laugh with, maybe shed some tears.
    A person who's been with you all through the years.
    Someone to shelter you, from days that are cold.
    A shoulder to lean on, a warm hand to hold.
    An arm to catch you, if you slip & you fall.
    And an ear for your problems whenever you would call.
    Someone to share some giggles, and some loud screams.
    A person to tell all your secrets & life dreams.
    Someone to hug you, when you're happy or sad.
    To just be there in the good times or bad.
    A person with who you don't have to pretend.
    These are the jobs, of a very best friend.

  • Babe! U are the best and the sweetest! I love u! :)